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The plants LOVED the BIO NOVA nutrients! I have never seen plants that HEALTHY AND VITAL before! The coloration of the leaves was always a nice dark green without any signs of over- or underfeeding. The development of the plants was quick and abundant...I can ONLY STRONGLY recommend BIO NOVA!
This wake up my interesting very strong product!!! Amazing
Very strong Fertilizer! Its a new challenge work with this but the plants love it
Very Powerfull feeding! Nr.3 was big 96gr.
Unfortunately I haven't had the fertilizer so long. The next grows it will be fully tested, I can only say I'm impressed with the time it has been used
Como siempre una pasada, sencillo con unos resultados muy buenos, con especial mención a Silution, muy bueno!!
Still my favorite brand. I'll keep on using this brand, and adding other stuff when needed !!
A need for every grow! But a bit on the expesive side!
I think every growers needs to use silica every time they grow. Its a must because it has so many benifits. Bio Nova did a great job with this product.
First time I used these nutrients, and I'm very satisfied. All products are easy to use and work as they promise.