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First time used. Too results. Recommendation from my side:+1:
First run with these nutes, brought the Dogshit to its max. Will keep it definitely:+1:
My favorite sure a secret tip
Top products, pushed the Chimera to its limits.
First time with these nutes and im absolutely convinced. Boosted this grow immensly.
my favorite i dont change BIONOVA 4 EVER!!
Secret tip is this fertilizer!!!! :heart::heart::heart::seedling::seedling::seedling::fire::fire::fire:
My favorite Nutrients next grow i use more!!
I was to early with flush my mistake but this Nutrients is best Quality!!
Just love it! Perfect growth, no problems at all :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
I think potassium silicate can really helps in some situations, but also in general..this one is a great choice