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Silution is a plant strengthening liquid fertilizer based on stabilized silicic acid. In recent years there has been a growing interest in the use of silicic acid and its positive effects on plants. The effectiveness of silicic acid in strengthening the plant and stimulating growth and flowering is particularly visible with growers that have less optimal growing conditions such as in greenhouses, indoor crops, growing in warm climates and high risk infection conditions.

Silution consists of a stabilized and bio-available form of silicic acid. It is a highly plant available and bio-active product that has positive effects on the plant. Silution results in a better harvest: higher yield and a better quality.

Silution is the ideal silicic acid fertilizer for drip irrigation systems. A fertilizer schedule using biologically available silicic acid combined with the high-grade fulvic acid results in among others:

  • A crop that has a higher resistance against the negative impact of stress.

  • Stronger cell walls.

  • A stronger defense against plant infections and pests.

  • A stronger defense against temperature differences and/or extreme temperatures.

  • A higher quality and yield.

  • A higher dry weight content of the end product.


Organic Nutrient
Nutrient TypeClassic N-P-K or micro-elements nutrient
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Release Year: Previously Released

Chemical composition




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First time used. Too results. Recommendation from my side:+1:
First run with these nutes, brought the Dogshit to its max. Will keep it definitely:+1:
My favorite sure a secret tip
Top products, pushed the Chimera to its limits.

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