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Loved these products, will be my point of call from here on out. Easy for idiots like myself, if you do your research on your nutrients along with your seed provider you can easily make an easy feed schedule well in advance and then tailor it to your plants needs. A big thumbs up here to Biobizz : 1:
Still my favourite brand.
It seems they are working. It is bio, we need that for a better futur actually, about earth and stuff... So yeah I think i will use them again.
Haven’t had better results with any other nutrients used in the last 5 years.
I think biobizz products are great. But I made some mistakes along the way with this grow. Next grow i will continue using Biobizz and i'm curious to see if I will get a better growth now all my parameters will be correct.
Buenisimo ! Siempre lo aplico pulverizando . Increíble ! Me entrega lindos colores
I will be using it in my next grow :innocent: biobizz for the win