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Good nutrients, work well and can see impact on plant immediately. the ph down is a tricky, you think if you add 2ml that dropped ph by 2 then adding another ml would bring it down by another 1 but no, the result is different, don't assume anything and always measure ph
Good stuff. I’m cutting down to just biogrow biobloom and topmax. I might get Rootjuice and calmag. But no more of all the other ones. I’ll see how it goes.
Es un aditivo bastante potente, tan solo con unas 5 gotas de este produto, logramos bajar 0,7 en niveles de Ph
Si este ph down fuese arquero sería de esos porteros efectivos y sobrios. Hace lo que dice que hace, al hueso y sin aspavientos.
Macht den Unterschied. Aber recht teuer.
Efectivo. Hace de excelente forma lo que dice que hace.
Wonderful products that helped my plant thrive.
Had a good time using these nutes. Around halfway through the flowering stage, I had to flush the plant due to minor nutelock while following the schedule, but after adjusting everything turned out fine.
I’m sticking with it. Works well together. Hard to over feed. Good ph control. I might drop the algamic and up the main feeds next time.
Works, add some nutrients, see impact on plant next day.