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Pues sigo con Biobizz y a ver lo que darán las futuras generaciones, ya que invertí último mes en BioHeaven como extra y parece que si.. yo batiendo récords personales en cosecha por lo menos..
Stopped using nutrients at the end of week 7. I was giving 3/4 of the dosis as given by BioBizz. I loved the ritual of filling bottles and dripping the nutrients in. Must remind to make a video on this one day.
Really hard to pH with drops because it is far too murky. Cant give it a fair grade.
Will be using again :flag-wales::v::green_heart:
Well happy, will be using again:flag-wales::green_heart::v::right-facing_fist::left-facing_fist::facepunch:
Produits de tres bonne Qualité , malgré des prix assez cher il sont Bio et ces deja bien
Does what it says on the bottle.
BioBizz products are great, but you should not underestimate their strength. Still finding the perfect balance but I'm very happy with them, and I want to stick to strictly organic.