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they are good except i think but im not sure that bio bloom could be a little better idk its stuff i read . overall im happy with this nutrients and i wish i had more :D
I have always been using Bio-Bizz products, Soil and Ferts and I personally find them good product, just make sure to ALWAYS misure your water parameters, specially if you are new to growing and can not "read" your plants, LIKE ME!
Die Wappa ist eine sehr potente Sorte mit großen Buds. Das Stoned/High ist sehr Kräftig und Langanhaltend.
I love the BioBizz line of nutes!
Start to see what they do, after a few grows with them indoors. I’m quite happy with the products and I’ll keep using them for a few more grows. Eventually will change some day, but so far, I’m happy with all their line
Macht den Unterschied. Aber recht teuer.
Le meilleur rapport qualité prix !
Definitely helped, but due to other mistakes I could have gotten more out of her, but these helped nicely.
Despite a few mistakes I made, they helped keep her happy.
Biobizz has been the only nutrient range I've used so far and I'm happy... Always green leaves and solid stems. My 1st time using root juice... It definitely made a difference in regards to root growth. I will add more micro organisms next time - Great white shark
Siempre los uso, no soy fan de los químicos. Son buenos fertilizantes orgánicos y son baratos.