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Love BioBizz. I used Fish Mix, Grow, Bloom and Top Max on this run.
Using on my current grow, good stuff :ok_hand:
Great stuff, will use this again for future grows.
Trustworthy nutrients that I will use many times again. Great for organic grows!
Wie immer ein Muss für meine Plants!
Hard to say as it’s my first time! I think I underfed early on! Developed some yellow leaves, then overfed trying to correct it. Will certainly be using again on round 2, the only problems were my own making. Hopefully will be a little more diligent on round 2
Erste Wahl für organischen Anbau. :ok_hand:
This Fish-Mix was amazing, i strongly recommend it, you could see the effect after each and every watering.
I will work with biobizz fertilizer again for the next grow