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Bio Flores


Easy to use, uh I got nothing much to compare it to atm but everything went smoothly using them.
I will continue to use this simple system...all organic. The plants thrive in veg and fade nicely at the end of flower.
Great products, used few times always good results
This is amazing product line and worth the investment. I can feel the difference between Synthetic nuts and Bio. When using BIOCANNA there isn't a need to adjust the PH. this saves time and also reduces the amount of elements pushed into the plant. the feeding schedule is quite simple to follow. in my case i used a 5L bottle of water and then added 10ML of Vega and Rhizotonic.
as always these nutes do a wonderful job
The Canna Bio series is very recommendable :+1:
Bio canna is a good product-like:+1:
Flores and Boost are awesome and will be staples for my future grows. Vega is so - so, and I can achieve similar or better results with other organic alternatives.
since i switched to biocanna i can say i am definetly proud of these nutes !
Easy to use, well balanced. not going to change soon (and I tried several brand, even Biotabs)