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Shooey Master
Growing it
Harvest for Sour Dragons Auto.
A test grow as part of a breeding project of a mate, GW genetics. Fast Buds Sour Diesel Auto xRuby Dragon bx Auto.
I can honestly say this is the most fun grow I have had yet. This is the best result I have got from autos outside so far. I scattered a few seeds in the beginning to weed out the males, and select the best growers. I also threw a few in a fixed outdoor environment to see how it would compare to the ones in pots. After taking the best 2 looking fems, and getting 1 fem in the outdoor area, I had 3 completely different phenos. The best was a fat stocky magenta coloured plant which took on the Ruby Dragon character. It was the best yielder of them all, 11.2g. The 2nd plant was taller but more spaced out, straight up and down, and really deep purple. This seemed to be a perfect cross of the two parents, 8.7g The 3rd plant was quite small, only about 4 grams grown in a fixed outdoor environment. It endured storms, heat and filtered sun which affected its growth. It also did not turn purple at all! This one was much closer to the sour diesel parent overall, but only 3.7g. Unbelievably, for all the beautiful smells these had while growing, it is the littlest one that tastes the best!! Full diesel flavour, almost like liquorice. I’ve never tried this before, and man I just love it. The big one has a more sour and floral taste, and the middle one is somewhere in between. Visually these are so pretty to grow. The smell mid flowering is really something. Fruity diesel. Stunning colour too, the middle one went such a deep purple, looking like an oil slick creeping across the deep green. Man I have just loved how quick, discreet and easy these were to grow, and the smoke quality is right up there. A great hit, not too chesty, with each having their own particular diesel flavour. Thankfully I have a few more of these for next season, cos I just love em!
13 hours ago
Shooey Master
Franco's Lemon Cheese
Growing it
Lemon Cheese gave me plenty of highs and lows for sure. I was set to score it a bit lower, until I finally tried the big girl and she was immediately upgraded. I give Lemon Cheese 8/10 because...

Seeds - 2 for 2 which germed easily and grew nice and evenly.

Grow - I got 2 very different plants. One short and compact, finished in 16 weeks and gave me 3 and 3/4 ounces. The other plant was way biggerand took 23 weeks. It gave me just short of 6 ounces.
Vast differences in smell, grow, taste and quality. The big sativa girl is markedly better than the small one.

Got a bit of mould in the end, but after the rain we had, almost all growers I knew got it too, so give a pass there.

Buds - Pretty nice, not real dense but plenty of resin on the big one. Solid yield too. Smoke varies so much. The little one is nice and smooth, and distinctly lemon tasting.

The big girl, not so much lemon, but some beautiful earthy cream flavour and much more kick!

If you decide to grow this one outdoor, you definitely want the most sativa one, but prepare for a looong grow!
1 month ago
Shooey Master
Pineapple Chunk
Growing it
Pineapple Chunk has been my favourite grow to date, and my very first perfect rating.
I am happy to give Barney’s Pineapple Chunk a perfect 10 because,,,

Seeds - Perfect. Both germed without issue and and grew at an even pace. Handled a transplant well, and bounced back nicely
in week 6 when I moved them into the living soil, but didn’t leave enough buffer for the young roots and burned them a tad.

Grow - Again, perfect! Absolutely no problems with pests or mould, despite finishing in very humid conditions. I only needed to top twice
and chunk took a beautiful shape by itself. Really sturdy branches which handled heavy buds in the wind with no need for supports.
For me, the perfect size. Topped out at just over 120cm which is ideal for keeping discreet. So lovely to look at though, big long buds
that stretch for the sky. Beautiful smell, especially in the last week.
I would have to class chunk as the perfect model for the outdoor grow. Perfect size, strong, easy, quick and just unreal.

Buds - Once again,,, perfect. Easy to clean up. She is not at all leafy or shaggy. Chunk is nice and uniform with big fan leaves
that don’t crowd the buds. A few smaller ones down low but overwhelmingly nice big chunks in the end. A great harvest.
4 and a half ounces of lovely shit! Beautiful looking sugar coated nuggets. After 2 weeks cure I am loving the chunk.
its lovely and smooth and goes down nicely anytime. It is pretty strong shit! And a creeper too! My mates are all loving it,
and it’s always really satisfying to blow the lads away with some A grade home grown.

I highly recommend Pineapple Chunk if you are considering your next outdoor grow, you won’t be disappointed :beers::+1:
3 months ago

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