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It was a real BIO experience, so know extreme big tops but still it was very resilient to me.
Seems weaker then normal canna vega, can't fault it though organic and fed this plant enough nitrogen to not have deficiencies in the soil I was using, seems to improve soil quality too but not sure if Great white had something to do with this
Biocanna is perfect for beginners. follow the grow guide and you will be on your way to amazing growth and great tasting buds. the yield is not as big as the other lines but the flavour is the best of them all unless its fully Organic.
Little on the weak side have to use quite a bit but nonetheless still a good nutrient for organic growers chasing a simple solution
Easy to use, no issues
Great for beginners easy ratio to follow
Easy job, for me being a beginner it was great. I got a pack with everything I needed and it was used for two crops 8 plants in total, I finished BioBoost but the others can be use one more time for 4 plants.
I can’t complain about anything so far using BIOCANNA. Boost is the best, but pricey and this big girl ate heaps of it!
Awesome, half strength is plenty powerful enough, can't imagine ever growing without it!
Awesome! Half strength is plenty strong enough.
Awesome!!! Half strength is plenty strong enough.
This is my main nutrient for a while now. but it wont yield much
This is my main nutrient for a while now.