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As usual they r supagood
The Ryzotonic is great for transplanting with no root damage or they recover very fast. The bio Vega and flora could use a little extra kick without having to use 50 ml in a 25 liter water solution. Very expensive. But I could see the benefits of the more organic type of nutrient. I would highly recommend this line. But I would consider some supplemental nutrients for extra magnesium and nitrogen. As they seemed to be a little weak in that area.
Excellent line, great results follow the grow guide
I constantly use this product line. they are good since i dont have to adjust PH
Good and reliable to date. Definitely staying with Boost
First full organic, nice color and awesome taste
Good organic line I have stuck with to date. Having said that I am sassing out a change for next year just to see how it compares, but I will likely stick with the boost still, it works very well