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All-Purpose Fertilizer

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I love this fertilizer and will probably always use it in at least one of my plants
I don’t know if anybody has ever tried Black Magic all purpose 555. If not you should consider trying it it has everything you need that liquid fertilizers carry it makes growing so much easier because less measuring as required by pH is easy to it just all I do is add water and some black magic every two weeks.
This is the tits. All I had to do was water and flush.
Try it ir works wonders with my super soil and ACTs
One of the best dry admendments money can buy and it last forever... A little goes along way
I tend to go really light on the all Purpose but a lot harder on the bloom boost and the part A and B. I get great growth and few parts to mix in makes it easy to use.
The soil and the fertilizer worked to perfection. This grow was so easy a caveman could do it!
I added this fertilizer by accident - never used it in this grow or ever before.