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Los fertilizantes de Botanicare son lo mejor de lo mejor, sinceramente una gran parte de él buen resultado de la planta es debido a esto.
Los fertilizantes han dado la talla, creo que son lo mejor de lo mejor, he ajustado un poco la tabla a la planta por ser autofloreciente
Always got to make sure she is clean and safe to smoke, Clearex has been my helping hand for flushing for years now and all I have to say is the TDS meter readings tell it all.
Good product, smells like laboratory grade stuff.
Totally would not have smoked the way it does without a helping hand here from Clearex, I use this stuff habitually even throughout the entire grow cycle when I think their is a build up of salts and leftover nutrients or in between nutrient changes. When I have the ability to I DO test my ppm throughout the flushing cycle and the numbers speak for themselves, though with this grow I did not have the opportunity to do so.
Botanicare organic hydro nutrients are fantastic