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Saved the day when deficiencies appeared but would def use as a base in the future

15 hours ago

One of my favorite brands I really appreciate how clean and effective this product is!

2 days ago

Ran out of Boost and used this to replace for a couple of weeks. Caused no issues and did the job great.

3 days ago

Easy to use, must have with RO water

4 days ago

Great results from this. Easy used. PBT can leave a brown residue everywhere but...Everything is bigger this grow with generally same conditions as last grow (3/4 of the plants had a relatively hard start this grow so started at a disadvantage to the last one that was faultless at the start). Worked from a feed chart I built before even buying the stuff!!! Wouldn't not go anywhere near Botanicare's strengths (EC2.8 in flower...mental!!!) Run more like 60% of what they recommend and adjust if deficient (which nothing was this grow).

6 days ago

Used to supplement some deficiencies and seemed to do the trick.

6 days ago

I really like the one part CNS 17. It is easy to use and is cheap. It also contains 17 elements. I suggest using Ripe instead of Bloom for auto flowers. It may lower leaf to flower ratio and increase flower size as the NPK ratios are more inline for a bloom period.

6 days ago

Must have with yellow led light

1 week ago

Awesome product

2 weeks ago

Will finish with Botanicare and try something new after this

2 weeks ago
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