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Californian Snow
Growing it
This one was a strange one. She never really grew “up”. Thankfully though, she did grow “out” quite a bit, re-leafing quickly and densely. She was also a little twitchy. Very calmag hungry with a slight bit of nute sensitivity too. Overall she’s only getting 6 stars in the grow book. This primarily due to the fact that while the high is excellently cerebral for a sativa leaning strain, it just doesn’t last nearly as long as one would hope.

Taste & Smell: :lollipop::lollipop::lollipop:
Effects: :lollipop::lollipop::lollipop::lollipop:

This plant flowered very differently than advertised. But the buds packed on the weight tightly and plumped out incredibly wide. Density was decent but not quite as compact as I would’ve expected. As advertised however, they absolutely shimmer in the right light. Tons of frost.:sunglasses:

We ran this one on an 8 day dry and the boveda packs should do the rest : 1:. Word of warning on the dry - she’s a stinker and it smelled like cat piss in the basement while she dried out (yes, we have a cat and no it wasn’t her - we checked).

There’s a minty, almost piney scent coming off ‘er pre-cure. Maybe a little bit of citrus too. Surprisingly, she’s actually quite smooth on the draw still. Taste & smell get a solid 3 lollipops as I will be lenient if there’s less terps but still a smooth smoke. Effects - Early indications are that we could look at giving the high more than 3 lollipops. She’s quite true to her reviews, a somewhat racey sativa. She’s got a noticeable rush combined with a cerebral euphoria. I could mow the lawn on this all day:sunglasses:: 1::ok_hand:. The effects are great but not overly lasting. A great day time option for sure: :+1:

Effects update - following some further testing:wink: yeah - we gotta upgrade the rating on this girl. It’s just a solid all around sativa high. Perfect if you want an energetic pick me up and that “in ur head kinda high” that doesn’t leave you comatose:ok_hand:.
6 days ago
Cheese XXL Autoflowering
Growing it
If you’re looking for the ultimate beginner strain, then this is it. She’s easy going, resilient, responds incredibly well to training, takes a full nute regimen like a champ, and under the right circumstances (like these ones:wink:) yields a dream!: 1:. She’s so easy in fact, that I had to change the title of this diary from “ain’t easy” to “too easy”:sunglasses:.

Taste & Smell: :lollipop::lollipop:
Effects: :lollipop::lollipop::lollipop::lollipop::lollipop:
We’re already getting the hints of cheese coming out on the cure. But it’s still grassy and skunky following the 6 day dry. Taste & smell only get 2 lollipops because once the terps are in full effect it’s still gonna taste and smell like skunky cheese. Effects - even if I had a decent sense of smell (which I don’t) I’d still be smoke’n this awesomeness. The effects get a full 5 lollipops for me. It is my go-to, straight baked and chilln strain. Perfect for summer nights by the dock with some tunes. Definitely on par with nyc diesel and northern lights for staple status: 1:. Cerebrally chill all the way and very indica leaning with a dozy effect on the finish. Dreamy night time smoke: 1::sunglasses:.
1 week ago
Critical Kush
Growing it
This one was undoubtedly the pride and joy of the grow and a big thank you to RQS again for the beans: 1:. If u followed her neighbour grow (northern lights) then you know the CK was a bit of a bully. She grew strong and dense, crowding out the other plant in the cabinet.

It took 4 months to grow this plant out and that pales in comparison to the 9 it took my wife to grow another human (for the second time). It’s for this reason that the harvest report is delayed as I wasn’t about to sample the all-time best of our harvests with my grow partner in the penalty box. All told, we timed it pretty close:wink::+1: and further details will follow shortly.

Update - Taste/Smell/Effects:lollipop::lollipop::lollipop::lollipop:
We agree, it’s only a 2 week cure (so subject to change) but we’re getting a smooth, woody kinda flavour and the smell is definitely coming out as earthy and somewhat herbal :wink:. Effects - it’s only getting 4/5 lollipops because it’s not cured yet and profile isn’t fully developed. It hits pretty heavy and almost immediately. Starts very cerebral and sativa-like (which is interesting). It then shifts to a more “buttery”, relaxing, light body stone showing the indica dominance. I wouldn’t say it’s debilitating couch lock and haven’t had effects like these since the last diesel strain we grew out. More mind bendy and less couchlocky than the diesel for sure. Exactly what’s been needed recently. Perfect:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
4 months ago