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CANNA pH- Grow

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All57 Growing26 Harvested31 Autoflowering25 Photoperiod29 Indoor43 Outdoor11 Soil19 Hydroponics4 Soilless13 FL6 HID7 LED39 Champions2 Video21
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Guess the Strain (Photo Outdoor)
2 weeks
Guess the Strain (Photo Outdoor) DunDerma
Photo BagSeed
3 comments · 3 days ago
Guess The Strain (Autoflower BagSeed)
6 weeks
Guess The Strain (Autoflower BagSeed) DunDerma
#1 Autoflower BagSeed
16 comments · 3 days ago
Wedding Cake x WM Skittlez(Outdoor)
7 weeks
Wedding Cake x WM Skittlez(Outdoor) DunDerma
Wedding Cake x Watermelon Skittlez (bagseed)
10 comments · 5 days ago
Aeroponic Kosher Tangie Kush (Clone)
19 weeks
Aeroponic Kosher Tangie Kush (Clone) MadeInGermany
Kosher Tangie Kush
43 comments · 5 days ago
PCG Cookies x Watermelon Skittlez
7 weeks
PCG Cookies x Watermelon Skittlez DunDerma
PCG Cookies x Watermelon Zkittlez
13 comments · 7 days ago
Animal Cookies x Do-Si-Dos(Outdoor)
6 weeks
Animal Cookies x Do-Si-Dos(Outdoor) DunDerma
Animal Cookies x Do-Si-Dos
20 comments · 7 days ago
Do-Sweet-Dos (Outdoor)
6 weeks
Do-Sweet-Dos (Outdoor) DunDerma
27 comments · 7 days ago
LandRace Colombian Gold(Outdoor)
6 weeks
LandRace Colombian Gold(Outdoor) DunDerma
Colombian Gold
22 comments · 7 days ago
5 weeks
SKUNK AUTOPOT 15L SP3000 SultanOFweed
Super Skunk
18 comments · 2 weeks ago
14 weeks
Gelato Auto
15 comments · 2 months ago
C-4 Farm/ Calamity Jane- autoflower
16 weeks
C-4 Farm/ Calamity Jane- autoflower C4_Farm
Calamity Jane
9 comments · 2 months ago
C4-Farm/Jack47 Auto(second try)
10 weeks
C4-Farm/Jack47 Auto(second try) C4_Farm
Jack 47 Auto®
7 comments · 2 months ago
C4-Farm/Gorilla Girl XL Auto(organic)
13 weeks
C4-Farm/Gorilla Girl XL Auto(organic) C4_Farm
Gorilla Girl XL Auto
19 comments · 2 months ago
C4-Farm/ Purple Lemonade auto(edit.srawb
10 weeks
C4-Farm/ Purple Lemonade auto(edit.srawb C4_Farm
Purple Lemonade Auto
11 comments · 2 months ago
GG gsc ftb
8 weeks
GG gsc ftb AlienScrOG
Gorilla Cookies Auto
9 comments · 2 months ago
RQS CBD AutoFlower - multistrain
15 weeks
RQS CBD AutoFlower - multistrain DoMoNe
+3 strains
8 comments · 2 months ago
Original Auto Amnesia Haze 1plant1grow
11 weeks
Original Auto Amnesia Haze 1plant1grow DutchDudeGrow
Amnesia Haze Auto
15 comments · 5 months ago
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