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Excellent performance from canna, as always

16 hours ago

I got a freebie of this product. It's not bad but I would recommend another options.

19 hours ago

didn't see a lot of benefits at the time of use but doesn't mean it didn't help.

2 days ago

1st time using canna boost and pretty shoure that she help alot...

3 days ago

Second run with canna, i didn't get disappointed

4 days ago

Excellent experience from canna yet again.

4 days ago

What can I say tried and tested and get great results everytime with canna

4 days ago

Tiny bit of burn on this auto on tips but not with other plants

5 days ago

CANNA is absolutely and positively THE SHIT

7 days ago

I would reccomend canna to anyone, excellent results as shown by plant 1.

1 week ago

They perform their function perfectly.

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1 week ago

It does what you have to do

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2 weeks ago

Great product!

2 weeks ago
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