Algae-based nutrient for the flowering phase. The advantages of Alga Bloom: ● Suitable for organic growing. Alga Bloom is certified by Control Union, which means good for people, animals and the environment. ● Stimulates vigorous growth. Because of the balanced proportion of phosphorus and potassium in Alga Bloom, it ensures vigorous flowering and a high yield. ● Rapid absorption of nutrients. Alga Bloom contains amino acids that are directly absorbed by the plant, and serve as building blocks for essential plant proteins. ● On the basis of algae extracts. The algae extracts in Alga Bloom contain various organic molecules that have great added value for the plant. ● No need to worry about pH and EC values. In combination with one of our 100% NATURAL substrates, you do not need to adjust the pH and EC values of nutrient solutions.
Alga Bloom
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Nutrient TypeClassic N-P-K or micro-elements nutrient
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Organic NutrientYes
Content StateLiquid (ml/l)

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Easy to use and very good results! Would definitely recommend for beginners like me.
6 months ago
6 months ago
Nutrienti della Plagron ovviamente ottimi!
6 months ago
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Expiration date? Can't find the information how long does it still retains its specs after opening.