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Plagron is a dependable producer of high-quality organic products. More than twenty years of experience makes it leading company with a wide line of substrates, fertilizers and additives. 

Plagron develops different types of products in their own laboratory in the Netherlands. 

Plagron is for everyone; from novice growers to experts. Their products are available in shops throughout the world.


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Blueberry 50x50x100 QBm 50w
13 weeks
Blueberry 50x50x100 QBm 50w SooSan
Blueberry Feminized
8 comments · 4 months ago
Hulkberry - Fourth Farm
10 weeks
Hulkberry - Fourth Farm ButterfliesLittleFarm
Hulkberry Automatic
22 comments · 6 months ago
Purple Lemonade “Outdoor Season”
11 weeks
Purple Lemonade “Outdoor Season” Just1leaf
Purple Lemonade
19 comments · 7 months ago
Cream Caramel - TOP / LST
21 weeks
Cream Caramel - TOP / LST Mr_Motalovah
Cream Caramel®
39 comments · 3 months ago
First grow - sativa haze
15 weeks
First grow - sativa haze donttelltomama
Sativa haze
12 comments · 10 months ago
.RQS. - Gorilla Royal (purple)
13 weeks
.RQS. - Gorilla Royal (purple) Alexa
Royal Gorilla
230 comments · 1 year ago
Pinkman Goo by Silky
23 weeks
Pinkman Goo by Silky Silky_smooth
Pinkman Goo feminized seeds
65 comments · 1 year ago
Green Gelato RQS
19 weeks
Green Gelato RQS Pixsna
Green Gelato
44 comments · 1 year ago
Fast Buds Blackberry
10 weeks
Fast Buds Blackberry Dahoola
82 comments · 1 year ago

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.RQS. - Gorilla Royal (purple)
13 weeks
.RQS. - Gorilla Royal (purple) Alexa
Royal Gorilla
230 comments · 1 year ago
The Big Green Ones+10 TUTORIALS
18 weeks
The Big Green Ones+10 TUTORIALS Mrs_Larimar
Bruce Banner 3
142 comments · 2 years ago
Chagalls Blue
17 weeks
Chagalls Blue Mrs_Larimar
49 comments · 11 months ago
A Trip to PANAMA
20 weeks
A Trip to PANAMA HighRoller909
69 comments · 8 months ago
Monster zkittles - Mars Hydro TS600
16 weeks
Monster zkittles - Mars Hydro TS600 Smokwiri
Monster Zkittlez
79 comments · 3 weeks ago
Pinkman Goo by Silky
23 weeks
Pinkman Goo by Silky Silky_smooth
Pinkman Goo feminized seeds
65 comments · 1 year ago
Gelato Zkittlez(spiderfarmer test)
19 weeks
Gelato Zkittlez(spiderfarmer test) Silky_smooth
Gelato Zkittlez Feminized
86 comments · 1 year ago
Occult Magnetic Garden
29 weeks
Occult Magnetic Garden occultgreen420
+3 strains
72 comments · 8 months ago
Durban Poison - Feminised.
23 weeks
Durban Poison - Feminised. GrownTrees
Durban Poison
112 comments · 2 years ago
FastBuds Purple Lemonade
13 weeks
FastBuds Purple Lemonade Diariesweed
Purple Lemonade
60 comments · 5 months ago
Gorilla glue by Silky
18 weeks
Gorilla glue by Silky Silky_smooth
Gorilla Glue Auto
90 comments · 1 year ago

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AutoMazar (dutch passion)
2 weeks
AutoMazar (dutch passion) Faust1a
Auto Mazar
1 comment · 8 hours ago
My first grow
1 week
My first grow Piety
Fat Banana Automatic
1 day ago
Sunset Sherbet by Weedseedsexpress
1 week
Sunset Sherbet by Weedseedsexpress Stoneys_Raw_Herb
Sunset Sherbet feminized seeds
4 comments · 2 days ago
Grow 005
1 week
Grow 005 iopiopiop
+1 strain
1 comment · 2 days ago
wedding cake auto
1 week
wedding cake auto Lolberries
Wedding Cake Auto
2 comments · 2 days ago
[0.64m2] Wolne Konopie - Narco Polo 2.0
14 weeks
[0.64m2] Wolne Konopie - Narco Polo 2.0 MissJokerSmoker
Wolne Konopie - Narco Polo 2.0
1 comment · 2 days ago
Triple G
1 week
Triple G 420Glue
Triple G
1 comment · 4 days ago

Latest reviews Show All reviews (604)

I'm loving this line in my current Photoperiod grow, definitely will be using 1/3 or 1/2 dose for Autos though

14 hours ago

Incredible fertilizers!! No excesses or lack at any stage of the plant. More than recommended.

Show original
2 days ago

Very powerfull bat guano
Splendid boosters

2 days ago

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Latest comments


Industry worker returning to the fold, is there a nutrient schedule to follow anywhere for Plagron? Moving over from Mills, only used Start Up at the moment but they seem to have amazing root growth already


I love Plagron products. I use Royal mix soil as substrate prefertilized for 6 weeks; Power Roots, Vita Race, Pure zyme, Alga grow, Alga Bloom, Green Sensation, Sugar Royal, Lemon Kick. Wonderful, easy to use products. Plants are loving it! Never ever had any issues with it.

Best presented, best results, best of the best! wouldn't think of changing Plagron to anything!
I do it organically, I do it with Plagron!