Whether you’re a passionate home grower or a professional producer: we’ve got the right products for your grow. In addition to our four lines of basic nutrients and substrates, you can choose from a wide range of additives that all have their unique effects. And we’re there to guide you every step of the way. That’s our promise since our founding in 1992: to do everything to empower you to achieve legendary results.  You want to grow to your full potential. We’ll help you get there and become an experienced, passionate grower. Not only will we help you find the right grow style and products for your situation, we’ll also prep and guide you during your entire grow cycle. We know each grow cycle is different, which is why you can easily make your own grow schedule on our website. And if you’re just starting out, we’ve got you covered with premade schedules.  In need of personal support? Our Grow Specialists are there for you. DM us on social or send us an email: [email protected]. We’ll get in touch within 24 hours on workdays.  BECOME A BRAND FAN: 1. Follow us on Instagram: @plagron_official 2. Sign up for our newsletter (through our website)
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Blueberry Muffin ⁴ / Humboldt Seed Company / Green House Feeding / Grow #6
17 weeks
Blueberry Muffin ⁴ / Humboldt Seed Company / Green House Feeding / Grow #6GanjaGecko
Humboldt Seed Company - Blueberry Muffin
a month ago · 36 comments
Hyperion F1 - Farm #15
12 weeks
Hyperion F1 - Farm #15ButterfliesLittleFarm
Royal Queen Seeds - Hyperion F1
5 months ago · 10 comments
Jealousy ZAM
16 weeks
Jealousy ZAMXII_XII_MrGreen
Zamnesia Seeds - Jealousy
5 months ago · 175 comments
Jealousy POWER BUDS | Plagron x Zamnesia
18 weeks
Jealousy POWER BUDS | Plagron x ZamnesiaDogDoctorOfficial
Zamnesia Seeds - Jealousy
6 months ago · 119 comments
Banana Purple Punch Auto-FastBuds-Grow#2
16 weeks
Banana Purple Punch Auto-FastBuds-Grow#2Crashoverite
Fast Buds - Banana Purple Punch Auto
5 months ago · 421 comments
Zamnesia Biscotti X Plagron - PowerBuds
18 weeks
Zamnesia Biscotti X Plagron - PowerBuds Salokin
Zamnesia Seeds - Biscotti
6 months ago · 145 comments
GrowAce AirCubes with Tropicana Cookies
11 weeks
GrowAce AirCubes with Tropicana Cookies TheCannaProphet
Fast Buds - Tropicana Cookies Auto
7 months ago · 59 comments
Soak the Biscotti - Zammi & Plagron - B&B
11 weeks
Soak the Biscotti - Zammi & Plagron - B&BBread_n_buds
Zamnesia Seeds - Biscotti
7 months ago · 73 comments
18 weeks
DOS SI DOS 33#Qutro
Barney's Farm - Dos Si Dos 33
2 months ago · 235 comments
FBC AnesiaS TEST - Mars Hydro FC 3000
11 weeks
FBC AnesiaS TEST - Mars Hydro FC 3000Ju_Bps
Anesia Seeds - Frozen Black Cherry Auto
8 months ago · 276 comments

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Killer RDWC
18 weeks
Killer RDWCMetatronix
Sweet Seeds - Killer Kush Fast Version®
2 years ago · 446 comments
Bisous Au THC - Mars Hydro SP3000
23 weeks
Bisous Au THC - Mars Hydro SP3000Ju_Bps
The High Chameleon - Bisous AU THC x Noman Hosni
a year ago · 563 comments
Vanilla T - TEST THC - Mars Hydro SP3000
22 weeks
Vanilla T - TEST THC - Mars Hydro SP3000Ju_Bps
The High Chameleon - Vanilla T
a year ago · 460 comments
 Gorilla Girl Sweetgift - TS1000
18 weeks
Gorilla Girl Sweetgift - TS1000Ju_Bps
Sweet Seeds - Gorilla Girl F1 Fast Version
2 years ago · 435 comments
Purple OG Punch RDWC
20 weeks
Purple OG Punch RDWCMetatronix
Super Sativa Seed Club - Purple OG Punch
a month ago · 298 comments
Amnesia CBD Auto under TS1000 Mars Hydro
17 weeks
Amnesia CBD Auto under TS1000 Mars HydroMetatronix
Dinafem - Amnesia Autoflowering CBD
2 years ago · 299 comments
Tropicanna RDWC
20 weeks
Tropicanna RDWCMetatronix
Sweet Seeds - Tropicanna Poison XL Auto
7 months ago · 376 comments
Blue Cheese Auto under TS1000 Mars Hydro
15 weeks
Blue Cheese Auto under TS1000 Mars HydroMetatronix
Dinafem - Blue Cheese Autoflowering
2 years ago · 325 comments
Royal Gorilla TEST RQS - SF1000X2
20 weeks
Royal Gorilla TEST RQS - SF1000X2Ju_Bps
Royal Queen Seeds - Royal Gorilla
2 years ago · 262 comments
Moby Dick & SE7000 in RDWC
22 weeks
Moby Dick & SE7000 in RDWCMetatronix
Seeds Mafia - Moby Dick
a month ago · 275 comments
Do-Si-Dos & SE7000 in RDWC
22 weeks
Do-Si-Dos & SE7000 in RDWCMetatronix
Zamnesia Seeds - Do-Si-Dos
6 months ago · 248 comments

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1 weeks
Sweet Seeds - Purple Punch OG
a day ago
Gorilla Cookies Auto by FastBuds
8 weeks
Gorilla Cookies Auto by FastBudsCansitPanton710
Fast Buds - Gorilla Cookies Auto
2 days ago · 2 comments
Haze baze
1 weeks
Haze bazeWenz004
Royal Queen Seeds - Haze Berry Automatic
3 days ago · 2 comments
Gelato Automatic Zamnesia evtl fem?
2 weeks
Gelato Automatic Zamnesia evtl fem?Anditsch
Zamnesia Seeds - Gelato Automatic
3 days ago
tropical seed
1 weeks
tropical seedWenz004
Fast Buds - Tropicana Cookies Auto
4 days ago · 2 comments
Wedding Crasher royalqueenseeds 😀
1 weeks
Wedding Crasher royalqueenseeds 😀MjSKUNKY
Royal Queen Seeds - Wedding Crasher
4 days ago · 1 comment

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Done a good job building a solid base for a portion of my 1st and 2nd phase of this 46-50 plant harvest.
14 days ago
Did a good job. Ph is a bit hard to pull back once its lost. I've changed to the Xpert Nutrient line.
14 days ago
Nice for the PK and soil
14 days ago
5 stars - it works
14 days ago
Played a small part but these are solid nutrients a expensive. But they are good.
15 days ago
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Maximální spokojenost😎
Industry worker returning to the fold, is there a nutrient schedule to follow anywhere for Plagron? Moving over from Mills, only used Start Up at the moment but they seem to have amazing root growth already
@Danksterman, if you type In “Plagron Calculator” on google it will bring you to feed schedule where you type in your details, ie Soil/coco, indoor/outdoor. It will also ask you what size container you will be making up your feed in. It will then give you a custom feed schedule for your grow. It’s very cool. For autos just half everything 😀
Just got the whole Natural line with Promix. Added Palgron Zyme & Silic Rock. Also, got a lovely Plagron Hoodie, every product is of the highest quality. And I love, love the fact that you room/nute temp can go up to 35c,,"all though mine never will go by 25c but still great to know. Look forward to running a clone test without/with Green Sensation.
I love Plagron products. I use Royal mix soil as substrate prefertilized for 6 weeks; Power Roots, Vita Race, Pure zyme, Alga grow, Alga Bloom, Green Sensation, Sugar Royal, Lemon Kick. Wonderful, easy to use products. Plants are loving it! Never ever had any issues with it. Best presented, best results, best of the best! wouldn't think of changing Plagron to anything! I do it organically, I do it with Plagron!
Just wait 4-8weeks there comming new Bloom booster from plagron ! Are Royal sugar better than candy from advance nuetrins