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timbarin Master
San Fernando Lemon Kush®
Growing it
Into: Whilst this grow is sponsored by @sweet_seeds the opinions are mine. I'm the sole consumer of this amazing flower :cherry_blossom: :hibiscus: :rose: :blossom:

Growing it: 10/10 - Very easy to grow, training with LST, HST and mainlining. Had twice an infestation of leaf hoppers which were eradicated using an all natural bio pesticide. I followed both Plagron and Canna's feeding schedule and i was happy with the results.

Shape : 8/10 - A relatively tall plant with dense buds and thick buds. I think with better training she would have resulted in a smaller plant and more dense.

Flavour & Smell : 9/10 - Very smooth smoke, Bung, vape of joint. onset of 5-7 minutes with a strong body stoned and light-medium head high. after smoking a joint last night we binged several Netfilx EPs. I don't give it a 10/10 because the name is Lemon Kush but I didn't get that Lemony flavour. Its more earthy & Woody. Still, a great smoke for the evening time.

Last Notes : Thanks to my GF for finishing this diary for me. I was traveling for a long period and without her dedication and assistance this grow would not have been possible
Hope you enjoy the bud p0rn

2 weeks ago
timbarin Master
Cookies Gelato
Growing it
Thanks for reading my diary and reaching to the finish line with me. It has been good journey without any issues and the results are in!
before diving into the review, I wanted to mention that these seeds were sent to me by @james (RQS) and in return I agreed to create this diary. The reviews are completely mine and I'm completely unbiased. The entire consumption of any plants that I grow is mine and mine alone (Yeh I’m a piglet)
-=-=-The strain=-=-=
Cookies Gelato is a hybrid between two famous strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato 33.

“The taste of Girl Scout Cookies is earthy, sweet. The effect is relaxing, euphoric and creative.”
“With sweet citrus and fruity flavors, Gelato #33 offers an uplifting and energetic high that is perfect for any post-work activity after a long day.”

As a daily smoker I prefer a balanced strain rather than a dominant one. A 60/40 is the maximum I can smoke during the day. Strains that go to 70/30 or 80/20 are left for special times of the day. Either morning time or late evening.
Having too much energy when I should focus on work isn't appreciated and being head high during important life events also can’t be done.

Naturally when I saw that Cookies Gelato is a 50/50, I had to try growing it. Having a daily driver is very important :grin:

-=--=Growing it=-=-=-
I have limited space to grow plants therefor I have to alternate locations through-out the house (yes, my GF is very patient with me;-) as she smells weed all day long).
Some of the pictures will showcase the limited space the plant had during her initial start. At roughly week 13 she was moved into a larger tent and from there into the final tent.

the total grow time was 24 weeks, but this could have been shortened to 20 by reducing 3 weeks from the vegetation stage.
In flowering stage, I kept feeding her according to the feeding schedule of Canna and in the last 10 days, switched to filtered tap water without using PH down.

In her last days I kept her dry and waited for the sugar leaves to wilt.
Total flowering time was 70 days / 10 weeks.
The drying process took 8 days with minimal temperature fluctuations between 22c-26c. the R.H was between 50-70%. Since then, the flowers have been sealed in a metal, food grade container and placed for curing. I’m burping the container every day for 30 minutes.

Doing a wet trim makes life very easy, all I had to-do was to trim the plant from the base and set to dry in the drying rack.
This resulted in medium to large size flowers, very dense, sticky and loaded with trichomes.

There are a mix of different smells that are stemming from the cross between the strains. My GF Identifies Earthy, pine and woody smells. This seems to match what RQS are saying.

-=-=Smoking it=--=-
I consume weed in 3 methods. Vape, joints and (water)bungs.
the main method is bungs, when dropping a bung, I get a clear hit without any coughing or hissing. It’s a smooth smoke that transforms directly into a nice head high that can be easily compared to dropping roughly 10-15KG from your body weight. It’s a light head touch with a good body feel.

I have tried several joints; they were smooth to smoke with roughly a 5-minute onset for the high followed by roughly 20 minutes of uplifting mood and the rest was a nice chill sensation. communication with others is a breeze and comes naturally.
I feel like this strain is an appetite-depressor, when I woke up on Saturday morning after a 9 hour sleep my belly was growling at me “Feed me, feed me, NOW”. Since coffee has priority over morning food wake-and-bake was a must.

After the 1st puff my belly left me alone for 20 min before she started to growl at me again. So, I have pushed it once more, smoked a bit more and once again the hunger was gone.

Therefor I can conclude that for me this is an appetite depressor. (Excellent news)
I wanted to capture the entire grow in one post, you will see pictures throughout the entire grow cycle from seed to drying and curing. The phone/camera is use is a Sony Xperia II

Last notes: I want to thank my GF for taking up with my hobbies, at certain point I had to travel outside of the country for a period of 3 weeks.

She took care of the plants, feed them, made pictures and provided me day-2-day updates on the grow cycle and process.

Without her assistance, dedication and good will, this grow, and the parallel grow (San Fernando lemon Kush) would have not happened.

Smack that like button like you smack your loved ones in bed

3 weeks ago
timbarin Master
Banana OG Feminized
Growing it
Hi everyone, thanks for reading my diaries. If you wish to see the pictures before the curing process jump to the previous entries in the diary.

Disclaimer: The seeds were sent to me by @Pev-Grow and I agreed to create a diary for them. the opinions are mine and mine alone.

This plant has a tough life be she made it through the final line. Cut, Dried for 8 days and jarred now. the feeling of accomplishment is amazing.

So what happened in this grow you ask?
1. Germination rate was quite bad. I had 3 seeds, 2 germinated the 3rd didn't. from the 2 seeds one plant looked purely so I decided to concentrate on the other plant.
2. Pot size. most of you readers are aware of my limited growing area, due to that I had to sacrifice the pot size and she started in 2.5L pot and then was transferred into a larger 15L pot. this was a good move but it happened quite late in the game.

3. Week 5, or how I call it, the one-weekend-where-i-almost-killed-her, during this weekend i was tending to her and by mistake I pulled her from the pot and ripped apart half of her. at this point she was mainlined and I've practically lost half of the plant. (Remember this fact when looking at the Dry gram yield)
4. Lamp and grow area setup, this plant basically grew on my floor in the spare room! So for those people who think that they need "real equipment" and big investment, I got news for you. the light setup and total investment was 95euro.(!!) now, this has consequences, the plant turned very leggy and generated some small buds, still good smoke but small buds.

besides those 4 items listed above everything went quite well. the plant never had a disease, nor has been attacked by any kind of bug. She took food in a normal, controlled manner, using BioCanna recommended dosage with one change. in the last 10 days I provided her plain, filtered water. the recommendation from Canna is to keep using the BioBoost.

Read below the harvest notes and the rest of review
4 weeks ago

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