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PCK x Kali China

sativaman Master
PCK x Kali China
Growing it
Thanks to it's airy bud structure, I have been sampling bottom of plant smaller nugs that somehow dries first only 4 days after chop. This is uncured, but really fresh cannabis still have all it's terpenes and oils, perfect for testing. After cure and longer testing I will come back to add final review and comments.

What a great surprise on all aspects: smell, taste, effects, and even look, despite like I've said airy buds.

Effects are full body with a clean head. I was missing this body kind of feeling that brings a touch of comfort, warmth, relaxation. This one is a heavy hitter with a touch of psychedelic, but that goes away with expirations, leaving a pleasant taste in mouth and nose, with peace and without worry.

A lot of things can happen with hybrids and crosses. As ACE commented, this phenotype seems similar to their Kali China mother and it shows on it's effects. This is strong stuff. Even with high tolerance effects are noticeable at lower dose and she is most probably above the 12% THC from ACE's sample, but more on the higher range they give for a Kali China (14-22%).

Taste remind me the one of Hasplant or Powerplant: heartiness and hashish but with extra notes of dankness, sour, and something that I cannot pinpoint. The buds smell a combination of pine, lemon and oil that somehow blend together into mango.

ACE always surprises and deliver with unique plants and effects. This one is really enjoyable and makes it perfect for daytime lazy days, or night you want to relax.
1 year ago