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9 months
6 hours ago
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sativaman Apprentice
Bubba's gift had a long time to veg. I gave it all the time needed, strong light, nutrients, fresh air and TLC. Phenotype stayed short with small distorted leaves, thin weak stems and lack pf vigour.

After 4 weeks from flip, 2 weeks of flowering, it is time to say goodbye. Main cola is thinner than a tooth pick and top flower will be larfy popcorn. (see pictures) Growing this plant any further is a waste of time, plant count, space, nutrients, time, floor space, watts, etc.

I already sits on a few pound of medium grade bad pheno stuff from lazy so-called cannabis breeder.
2 months ago
sativaman Apprentice
Killer A5 Haze
Growing it
Full smoke report will be done after drying. Finger hash did bring me into deep space. Should be fantastic and super strong.

Full smoke report
I have been smoking Killer A5 Haze for quite some time now, and experienced it in every occasion. Phenotype grown here has a lot of Haze A influence. It shows in effects, taste and look. Not a bad thing!! Let's talk a little more about those 3 things.

EFFECTS: High is clean. Not what I expected, but what I needed in my pantry. Perfect for morning smoke with just enough kick and sativa head rush to make a magic start every morning. Not heavy (for me) but still some high thc stuff. It gives that little electric buzz but leaves a positive open mind offset. No couch lock. It is also great for end of day energy boost and stress releaf smoke. Gives a nice mood enhancer with almost zero crash and no paranoia. One of the most enjoyable and well suited for me strain I have ever smoke.

TASTE: The taste is pure haze with the nutty touch found in Malawi 1. It is very pleasant, rich, woody, nutty and lemony. It is smooth but full of aromas that can be tasted till the end of the joint.

LOOK: Buds grown in elongated colas with classic haze leafy bud structure. Small trichomes, sugar leaves pattern around calyxes and fluffy not dense flowers. To the touch you can feel the resin and oil when you crumble it. The heavy resin content makes it easy to roll nice fat joints.
3 months ago
sativaman Apprentice
Growing it
Malawi have a lot to offer. This plant is not the same phenotype has the other I have grown. I can tell from the smell. I am drying this plant and will update a full smoke report.

I have been smoking Malawi for a few days and feel like it is time to update

Malawi is the strongest weed I have ever smoke. I live in Canada; the only country it is fully legal to produce distribute and use re-creative cannabis. Multi million dollar company fighting against each other in pheno hunt and breeders associations. This strain stands out.

Malawi have a very fast and strong onset. High slams the forehead with a wave of heat from the very firsts hits. Eyes becomes heavy. As you smoke it inhalations are like a jab you receive and leaving you in a state of semi consciousnesses as what the fuck is going on??! From first till last hit. This weed is very strong, hallucinogenic. This drug is vey disruptiv. Mind is getting disconnected from body like a different entity from body. Vision is distored a bit, and it is definitely more on the couch lock category because of it's potency and effects. But forget about following a movie!! It is still very nice to smoke and perfect for week end or after work. Taste turned Tropical fruity, Nutty, hint of Vanilla and Pine.

Yield was medium. Quarter pound total of dried bud for a 2x2 plant meaning potebtially a pound for a 4x4, under 1000w.
3 months ago

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I posted a few photos few days ago there :

I strongly think it is the Haze A pheno.Smell is so sharp citrus with liver smell existence in it too.I think it is very close to be a A5 Haze phenotype.I saw the link you shared on my page,please check it out and tell my your opinion about phenotype man.


@HighRoller909, beautiful plant! i see what you see with the colas and leaf! I go with the haze A too. Mine was definitively the haze A and I love the smoke! Not too heavy for me it is my morning smoke at the moment! Clear head, focus, energetic and no sleepy effects!
After drying the Malawi nutty taste sort of took over but the citrus-haze A taste seems to come back with curing.