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MotherNaturesSon Apprentice
Gorilla Blue
Growing it

Day of chop: December 15th, 2020
Days alive: 124
Days curing: 30

Test Method: 8 inch bubbler bong, one bowl smoked of a ground-up cola tip

Colors: 4/5 - Green, Blue, Red, Silver, Lavender
Bag appeal: 4/5 - Looks like headstash material to me
Structure: 5/5 - Frosty and Homogenous indica structure

Density: 4/5 - Nugs could be just a little denser
Stickiness: 4/5 - Great resin content

Aromas: 5/5 - Sour Blueberry, Cinnamon/Cream,

Flavors: 3/5 - not the strongest taste, what does come through is an earthy blackberry with floral notes and hints of sour candy

Effects: 4/5: A strangely intense, yet mellow high - both potently cerebral and strongly stoning. Indica dominant and yet can be smoked throughout the day by novices and stoners alike. An easy comedown to manage as well. Overall, it’s the intensity of GG’s effects with greater levels of sedation attributable to the blueberry side.

Medicinal use: 4/5- GI Pain, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Appetite, Feel like yourself while getting great relief from symptoms, even though not the highest in CBD

Growth (4/5) - Great plant but smaller in stature, grow big if you really want to reap this plant’s true potential.

Yield (3/5) - Average but respectable with medium amounts of buds and resin coated trim, as well as cola buds of consistently high quality

My Grow Style/Setup: Compact indoor Coco Hempy Bucket - Probably as small of a plant as I’ll ever grow again, but made good use of the space available. HID lights with UVB in late flowering. Hung whole to dry for 5 days

Weight in larf/trim: 24g

Note: This review is subjective and reflects the overall rating of the results of this specific grow - however, well bred strains will always be at least five out of ten
2 months ago
Gorilla Blue
Growing it
The strain itself was an easy grow, thought would get more dense and more yield, but some of that could of been my fault, but I think I did all I can to increase yields, but the genetics was not there. I will get a taste after dry and then another taste after cure. Will update.

Day 51 Done drying took 5/ 6 days
Day 51 : In jars now curing 58% humidity 72 F

burping jars once 24 hours for a couple of min for 2 weeks
6 months ago
NobodysBuds GrandMaster
Gorilla Blue
Growing it
Thankfully, 9/10 is what i intended. I did not know about the 1 hour limit on that. Anyway, this is a fast developing plant. 55-60 days was accurate for the seed i germinated. Gets nice and frosty early on. Good potency. Decent yield if grown properly. Solid strain. Would like a little more kick and yield for a 10/10 rating. Have to leave room for a higher tier on this one, but it is an excellent strain to grow.

After just 14 days from chopping it down, the taste has exploded. A creamy, blueberry taste with a fruity/blueberry aroma. I expect this to improve further, but I am very impressed by the transformation in just a few days.
7 months ago