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PassionateMDG Apprentice
Big Bazooka
Growing it
Nice plant to grow. Got a special smell taste strong with lime and a type to smoke in the evening ore night.
10 months ago
Silky_smooth GrandMaster
Big Bazooka
Growing it
Simply an amazingly flexible strain that you can do very easy training with an have Some great result

She can haddle a little less nutes during her veg period but she is as greedy in her flowerstage she takes in 0.3/l more nutes then various other strain and still show no signs of nute burn

Her smells is excatly as discribed like sweet lemon candy i hope she tasts like that in a few weeks :wink: the final weight is an estament i Will update the correct weight after drying and a few days of curing

Overall a good strain for beginner and advanced growers
1 year ago