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Sheโ€™s a monster in fact: Buds with countless and endless resin crystals, a extremely strong High and surprisingly big and heavy yields. Big Bazooka is a pure Indica exciting even the most experienced smokers with a powerfull high. Big Bazooka is the intersection of a Big Bud selection with a selected Jack Herer.The strain was created for ist potency and an extreme high THC-level.

When smoking Big Bazooka youโ€™ll get an immediate heavy hit and body stone which is likely to send you straight to the couch.

She has a very short flowering period of 55 days and an impressive yield of up to 800 grams per square meter. The aroma and flavor of this strain is sweet and with lemon flavor like lemonade. The extreme high THC content of 29% delivers full-body effects that can last for several hours. It is the perfect strain for anyone looking to relax after a long day.

Big Bazooka blows out the lights. She is physically very relaxing and pushes you formally into the couch, your mind remains active and creative and she lets you always explore new spheres.

The Big Bazooka genetic is very robust and produces very regular plants.


Big Bazooka Seeds produce bushy plants with medium size and big side stems. The strain has a great resistance to mildew and pests. The fat buds are heavy and round, and covered with sticky resin. This strain is easy to grow and also suitable for beginners.

Big Bazooka can also be culitvated as a SCROG, we recommend 16 plants per square meter. Outdoors Big Bazooka can be harvested as early as mid to late September and provides 800 grams per plant.


Big Bazooka is a great medical and powerful Cannabisplant which is often used for treating insomnia, stress and pain.


0 oz
Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Big Bud x Jack Herer
Harvest 800 g/m2
Flowering 8 weeks
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor

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1 Grower

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Big Bazooka
Growing it
Simply an amazingly flexible strain that you can do very easy training with an have Some great result

She can haddle a little less nutes during her veg period but she is as greedy in her flowerstage she takes in 0.3/l more nutes then various other strain and still show no signs of nute burn

Her smells is excatly as discribed like sweet lemon candy i hope she tasts like that in a few weeks :wink: the final weight is an estament i Will update the correct weight after drying and a few days of curing

Overall a good strain for beginner and advanced growers
4 months ago

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