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DankyMoon Apprentice
Purple Cheese
Growing it
wow purple stilton has a sweet creamy eucalyptusy terpy early hit at 173c in the cfx as the temp stabilises and the trichz melt down a rich earthy flavor resembling a berry and a lime comez through and the lights get brighter as the high starts kicking i feel it alot in the eyes and forehead and the after taste is a long lasting spearminty lime green earth berry like flavor with that London cheesy dankness lurking all around the room such a great experience i wouldnt wanna be without it.. i could have done a much better job growing but this was my first serious cal mag def so my soil might need some re amending... because i supplimented calmag and it fixed the problem i gave a bit of the tea mix thinking it would revitalize it after the stress but i think that is what made her foxtail but more testing will determine that!
7 months ago