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Barney's Farm

CBD Critical Cure


CBD Critical Cure
Growing it
:grinning:Nothing to compare to but seemed quite easy to grow! Definitely recommend keeping close eye on pH of your nutrient solution you're using and not shaking the nutrients up! Also, watering with less volume more frequently seemed to speed things up quite a bit.
Harvested after seeing about 20% amber trichomes on most of the tops (end of week 10 flower), after 2 weeks flushing with pH 6.5 water.
550g wet weight, hung for 6 days, pruned and weighed as 94g dry weight, a whopping 1.42g/w/plant! :alien:
Currently in jars curing, the smell is absolutely amazing, sweet, woody, citrusy, pine, tropical, really looking forward to trying it!
Peace out everyone, thanks for the help along the way.
3 months ago