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Hash Bomb is an absolute must for hash lovers and medical users alike. A perfect cross of a powerful hash plant from the far-east, a new age Amsterdam Skunk and Bomb #1. The result is a high CBD level plant that is perfect for hash production.

Hash Bomb is a medium-high strength strain with a strong, tranquilising effect. It produces a calming, sedative and pain relieving effect rather than a psychoactive high. Hash Bomb’s aroma is sweet and with low levels of odour making it an easy to conceal, low profile strain.

The addition of Bomb #1 has meant higher production and fast flowering times. This strain shows excellent mould resistance. Along with Medi Bomb #1, this is one of our top calming, medical effect strains.




Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly indica
Harvest 500-600g/m²
Flowering 6-8 Weeks

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