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Medi Bomb #1 is an Indica dominant cross of Bomb #1 and a selected Dutch pharmaceutical strain. Medi Bomb #1 stays fairly short; around 70-100 cm and thanks to the Bomb #1 influence has great yield and a powerful punch, which gives an Indica dominant look to the plant. Short wide leaves that grow from small internodal points mean the overall effect is of a short/medium height, stocky and bushy plant.

When ripening, Medi Bomb #1 will develop a very thick coating of dense white crystals covering the buds and upper leaves. Thanks to very high levels of CBD, Medi Bomb #1 has a strong calming effect, relaxing body and muscles. Medical users also report Medi Bomb #1 inducing a deep relaxing sleep combating insomnia and similar complaints.

To maximise the resin production and get the best out of Medi Bomb, it is recommended that it be kept in total darkness for the last few days. This strains yields are considered superb, the taste is a sweet and sour flavour, with a strong smell and pleasant smoke.


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Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes Mostly indica
Harvest 450-500g/m²
Flowering 7-8 weeks

Tastes & Effects

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Medi Bomb #1
Growing it
The grow

The Medi bomb is a surprising strain , that phenotype was the bush from this run.

She is growing with numerous secondaries and any training method are welcome to take advantage of that natural bushy shape : mine were topped and I practice a bit of low stress training but maybe I should have remove more pop corn bud after the stretch.

Talking about the stretch, this one is pretty huge and it helps the multiple bud sites to get more light.

The buds are fattening pretty quickly and have the nice shape you can see on the last flowering week pictures.

The smell is sweet during flowering but also ultra discreet so if the smell is an issue for you it will not be one with that strain.

The smoke test :

The taste : Is pretty neutral , a mix with pine and herbs, nothing that makes me wanna rock the house but it can be pleasant to have that kind of taste when you take a coffee.

The effect : The effect is indica dominant with a couch lock effect and a sensation of heavy eyes. To be honest every joint makes me wanna sleep BUT the great counterpart is that when I wake up I don't have that heavy head and body feeling , I think that the CBD ratio is responsible for that and it's really really cool.


The final result : 75g with trims - 15g of trims = 60g of Buds :v::skin-tone-3::lizard:


Total Run#5 :

-Green poison XL auto : 50g

-Gorilla Girl : 80g

-Medi Bomb #1 : 60g
3 weeks ago

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