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TheWeedMan Master
White Widow Auto
Growing it
Note : first buds harvested week 12. Second set of buds harvested week 15.
breeder claims upwards of 20% THC, I would have to agree .... these nugs pack a punch!.. well the first two plants did .. the rest all came out pretty shitty airy buds and took like an extra month to finish .. not consistent quality in seeds ..They have been dried at 70F in 50% RH for 4 days. Jarred. 2 hour breathe each day for the first two days, followed by 15min breathers everyday since. Buds are perfectly dried and improving daily during cure. The vapours are very smooth - I use a Plenty Vaporizer by Storkz & Bickel. I get pleasant notes of pine, sweetness and a skunky-citrus mix. The effects are very pleasant and immediate - I feel euphoric, relaxed and happy plus a little hungry. Easy to grow, forgiving grow for my first indoor experience. Very pleased with the Cannabis and my hard work paying off!

I should have only grown a couple of these it wasn’t very good genetics and I wouldn’t recommend this breeder.
9 months ago