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The crater lake phenos all smoke great across the board, the biggest difference between them is plant structure and stretch. #1 & #2 have been identified as keepers, but #3 lacked the ideal structure.

Pheno #1 (20%) Leaning towards the huckleberry 2012 with Tight nodal spacing, chunky flowers, intense sweet citrus fuel smell that is reminiscent to trainwreck.. 1x stretch and 8week bloom time.

Pheno #2 (15%) SSH f2 (b) dominant by structure, smell, high and yield.. Expect 1-1.5x stretch and 9week bloom time with an extremely intense high to boot.

Pheno #3 (15%) compact, dense buds with hashy/citrus/berry smell that smokes like hash due to the trichome density. One of the most narcotic phenos that has a 2x stretch and 8week bloom time. This one would be definite keeper material if the node spacing was closer.

Pheno#4 (30%) SSH F2 (a) dom, Taller haze dominant plants that have a very uplifting effect and immense resin production.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Super Silver Haze F2 (a/b) x Huckleberry 2014
Flowering 9 weeks

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