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Pheno #1- Space Queen Dominant female that has good calyx:leaf ratio, and ripens in 53-56 days. Tropical smells of pineapple/fruit with a touch of vanilla permeate from her blossoms. Expect 1.5x stretch

Pheno #2- Another space Queen dominant female that has slightly faster bloom time (49-53days), and less stretch (1x) than pheno #1. Expect similar tantalizing smells as the first pheno as well.

Pheno #3 Leaning slightly to the Des*Tar, this pheno has a greasy resin profile, colorful foxtails and smells ranging from caramel & cherry to pineapple/haze.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Space Queen F3 x Ms.Universe #10
Flowering 7-8 weeks

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