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Huckleberry Kush is another potent medical masterpiece.

Mom - The mother of this strain is an Oregon Afghanai clone that’s been around since the early 80s. Pure Kush in appearance and smell, but the Oregon Afghani has been around well before the “kush” label became predominant in the cannabis scene.

Dad - The father is a select male chosen out of the Huckleberry 2012 gene pool.

Pheno#1 (30%) is leaning more towards Huckleberry and will display a “whiter” appearance. Hairs will tend to be more spindly on this pheno.

Pheno#2 (60%) is leaning towards the Oregon Afghani but is still dominated by the father. The tops will be a bit more “blunt” and the hairs will be standing on end in straight lines. A bit more earthy kush smell/taste but the huckleberry essence cuts thru in almost every plant..

All other phenos observed were slight variations of the above descriptions.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Oregon Afghani x Huckleberry 2012
Flowering 8 weeks

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