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Super Auto Chaze is the most potent and productive autoflowering plant to date. Stitch with his special touch with autoflowering plants made a cross of great quality that will outdo the autoflowering plants available nowadays . An innovative cross containing the most famous original Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds for the first time crossed with Flash Seeds' Super Autos and selected for its potency and stability. Chaze is part of a project that Stitch had had in mind long ago to produce a very potent Super Auto with the Cheese smell and flavour. Falsh Seeds have been their Super Auto Haze = Haze x Stitch 0.1 (Super Auto base) crossing for several generations (3 years) with the original english Cheese clone that won HT Cannabis Cup in 2006, a plant with outstanding smell and flavour. They had to work further to get the smell, but Flash succeeded in getting its flavour mixed with the Haze. The final outcome surprised them. They have a plant with equivalent quality, aroma, taste and potency to non autoflowering plants, that will satisfy those who donยดt like actual autoflowering plants yet. Mid size plant for a Super Auto, well branched, very floral and resinous. The leaf/flower ratio is skunk like and not difficult to manicure. Ideal for outdoor and it can be planted from April to July, finishing in 95 to 100 days. Strong plant that stands high humidity, cold weather and difficulties. Chaze SuperAuto (5% ruderalis/ 75% sativa / 20% indica) Cross : Stitch 0.1 x Haze x Cheese (no LowRyder genes ) Ends flowering: 95 / 100 days from seed Height : 120/175 cm - indoor/outdoor Dried flowers: 100 / 200 gr โ€“ indoor/outdoor Effect : very positive and long lasting sativa buzz, not narcotic Potency: Very high / Medicinal use: yes


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica / Sativa 75% / Ruderalis
Genetics Stitch 0.1 x Haze x Cheese
Harvest 300 - 500 gr/m2
Flowering Harvest: 13 - 14 weeks
THC high

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