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Gage Green Group brings back the Old School this classic version of the Afghan Haze. True to the classic, our Old School Afghan Haze captures the character of the past. The Afghan Haze mother provides not only a relaxing body sensation but a soaring head high as well. The Old School Afghan Haze is one of our tastiest smokes on our shelves.

The Classic Twist renews the Afghan Haze with a modern twist. The Joseph OG, in addition to the kush undertones, adds bulk, speed, and potency to the Afghan Haze. Most phenos will be sativa dominant, with some muscle relaxation. The effects are energizing, social, and uplifting. Despite the body relaxing and tension relief, the Classic Twist is still great for day-time medicine. A smooth hit with a hint of the signature Afghani fuel will combine with the sweet tingle of dried berries to overcome your senses. The plants have very desirable structure which do well with training and super-cropping. Expect large, spear-shaped buds with tremendous trichome production.


Gender Regular
Genes indica/sativa
Genetics Afghan Haze x Joseph
Flowering 8-9 weeks

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