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Gage Green is a group of connoisseur cultivators and herbalists looking for the best cannabis meditation properties. The main goal is providing the top-quality and healthy products. Gage enlivens the body and rejuvenates the mind. Gage possesses soul. Gage reveals truths in meditation. Gage amplifies and uplifts the mind, the body and the soul. Gage heals all. 

Gage Green Group was officially founded in 2010. Since this time it has grown into a network of symbiotic gardeners with a passion for excellence. 

Gage Green Group uses only natural breeding techniques to increase the vitality and potentiality of cannabis. The breeder focuses on promoting the purest forms of natural, organic and probiotic farming within to maximize sustainability of our planet.


1 oz
Harvest Weight

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SommerVirelli Apprentice
Lucid Blue
Growing it
The only regret I have is not being able to fill the tent completely. I harvested 10 oz from this beautiful girl. You might say, “Sommer, that’s not too bad of a pull from 600w in a 2x4 tent.” No, it’s not. That being said, my scrog has a total of 150 squares making up the screen. The bud sites occupied 78 of those, leaving nearly half of the grow space unused. I could have easily ended up with twice as much if I could have afforded to grow her out in Veg for a few more weeks. I’m not mad. Very happy indeed!

I enjoyed growing this strain and will most likely grow it again. I have the mother in a separate tent. I will only cure 4 oz of the flower. The remaining 6 oz will be made into dry ice hash, and then pressed into rosin. The fresh frozen trim hash I made ended up being amazing. I can’t wait to make more.

The dab I took was insane. Put me into a serious introspective high. Very inside of my own head, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing if it wasn’t for the worst cotton mouth I have ever had in my life. No joke. It was bad lol.

I wish I took more pics, but with the holiday plans weighing down on me, I did bud cutting and put them into jars pretty quick. I wish everyone the most awesome holidays. Rock on.
6 months ago
Growing it
Ended up harvesting two plants with one of the two have having seeds from the males being in way to long. Drying now so will have a dry weight when there ready.
11 months ago

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