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Grand Daddy Purp

Bay 11

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Bay 11 is an amazing sativa plant that took Top Honors At The 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Awards. The strain is a medical marijuana with rich flavors and full-bodied effects.ย 

The plant develops thick stems covered with sticky resin and dense buds. The strain demonstrates two ย pale green colors with golden hues. The shiny milky to amber crystals of trichomes cover whole plant. It has a high pistil-to-leaf ratio.

Bay 11 is a great remedy for appetite stimulation, for sleeping and pain-relieving. ย The smoke brings wonderful fruiry aromas.

Gender Regular
Genes Sativa
Genetics Appalachia x Ken's Kush
Harvest 900-1100 gr/m2
Flowering 10 weeks
Tastes & Effects
Bay Platinum Cookies Platinum Cookies Bay 11
Desconocida Kush Bay 11 Unknown Strain
American Pie Bay 11 Cherry Pie
Bay Dream Blue Dream Bay 11
Family Tree
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