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Grand Daddy Purp is a unique medical cannabis strains. This is an indica dominant strain with extremly dense and puffy buds and unbelievable potency. 

The plant develops beautiful buds with unreal colors and incredible flavors. It demonstrates amazing purple colors and light neon green hues. The shiny coat of crystal makes this plant more attractive.

Grand Daddy Purp has excellent medicinal properties. It is a great remedy for appetite stimulation, pain relieving, insomnia, nausea, and migraines. 




Gender Regular
Genes indica
Genetics Grand Daddy Purple BX
Flowering 8-14 weeks


Candyland Platinum Cookies Grand Daddy Purp
Granddaddy Confidential LA Confidential Grand Daddy Purp
Hawaiian Honey Purple Hawaii Sativa Grand Daddy Purp
Nagasaki Nightmare Grand Daddy Purp Bubbleberry
Purple Cake "Purple Kush Grand Daddy Purp Cheese Cake"

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