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Larry Berry is also known as Berry Larry OG. This is indica dominant cannabis plant that based on famous OG genetics.  Goji OG and Grandpa Larry were crossed to create it. 

The plant develops bushy structure with average internodal distances and thin but strength branches. The flowering time takes about 9-10 weeks. The harvest provides average yields. The strain demonstrates beautiful hues during the booming if temperatures drop a bit. It is ideal choice for SCROG.

The strain inherits potency and strong flavors of parents. The effect relaxes body, brings calming and while euphoric and uplifting high. The flavors contain notes of fruits and liquorice and OG notes Larry Berry is a great medicine for stress and intense pains. 


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Goji OG x Grandpa Larry
Harvest Average - high
Flowering 10 weeks

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