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JusGrowIt88 Apprentice
Bubba Kush Auto
Growing it
I am happy with HSO's Bubba Kush Auto.

4 of 5 seeds produced good taproots. One just didn't open up so I did not bother potting it.

This auto in 3gal fabric pots seems to grow to about 30 inches. I had 2 different phenotypes. One produced larger buds.

This strain is very forgiving. It can go without water for 2-3 days while other plants aren't wilting for a drink. The BK is at home in dry conditions.

I would recommend this strain for indoor grows. Perfect for 6.5ft tall tents.

I would like to thank HSO for a quality product and will be trying out more strains in the near future. Was a perfect fit for my first indoor grow. First auto aswell. Grows fast. Takes topping well, very forgiving to dry conditions. Sticky and resinous buds. Should make some nice hash.
9 months ago