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Arise will lift your spirits with the sweet smell of sandalwood and a hint of tropical fruit. Arise has a fast-acting sativa high that leaves your head clear and makes your body active. Arise is perfect for the morning smoke or for social events. 
Arise makes giant colas and grows easily for amateur grower. Expert growers will pull huge harvests. Be prepared to add stakes or cages. Arise packs on layers of resin.

Arise has consistently tested at over 25% THC by our test growers and has tested at 35.84% THC and 31.8% THC through Steep Hill Labs.
Arise can be harvested at day 63 for flavour or let her grow for 70 days for better yields. 


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Golden Goat x Daybreaker
Flowering 10 weeks

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