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Irie Genetics - Arise

2 years ago
LED / 105W
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Irie Genetics - Arise
Irie Genetics

Growing it




Aroma: Cloyingly almost disgustingly sweet, Diesel, Sandalwood, Sage, with a hint of citrus sharpness. Picture is a warm day and you are at the soda can recycling joint, if you know this smell you should start to get that sensation in the corners of your mouth under your tongue, like when you bite something sour but this is the sweet version. It is the gross sensation that almost makes you want to lick that sticky sweet grossness off the warm, old Pepsi can, but you have just a bit of dignity left so you don’t. While you are contemplating licking that gross but good, cloyingly sweet goo off the can you catch the odor of sweet, dank, sharp fuelie diesel smell from the gas station next door, then you catch the faintest whiff of that hippie who lives nearby who is burning some sandalwood and sage incense. That is Arise. What makes the aroma even better is the slick, greasy yet sticky feeling of the buds when you are handling them. The combined aroma and feel make for an AMAZING sensory experience!

Taste: Exactly like it smells but muted versions of the smells. When smoking in a J the sandalwood and sage are the dominant flavors. When vaporizing the flower the sweetness and diesel are the dominant flavors. I have not dabbed this strain yet, but will be squishing a little this weekend so I can crush a fat dab and really get into this strain. I have a feeling it is going to be intense on many levels.

Sensations: Enhanced auditory and visual sensations without hallucinations or paranoia. Clear headed and focused, great for doing tasks where concentration is desired.

The High: Initial sensation is that ice cream headache like sharpness behind the eyes, but not unpleasant. Then there is nothing for a bit, almost long enough (5 minutes) to make you think “where is the high?” Then you start to notice the sharpness and vividness of your surroundings becoming more intense. The auditory enhancement sets in, (NOT the scary almost hallucination type of auditory enhancement where you go on a 15 minute sound hunt in your house because you definitely hear something, but have never hear that before type of enhancement), but the type where you are a little more aware and music is fucking awesome, enhancement. Then, at about 15 minutes in, give or take, you find yourself thinking, “oh shit, I’m high”. Then you can ride that wave out for about 2 to 4 hours. The high is very functional and “up” without being racy or out of control. I am extremely focused and in a single track mind set when using Arise. Not that I can’t think about other things, but I am not distracted by 72 other thoughts racing through my head, which is normally a huge problem for me. I am also regularly plagued by incessant negative thoughts, which are absolutely abolished by this strain. So far, the only negatives I have experienced are: dry mouth and a little bit of a crash after the high type feeling. The dry mouth is to be expected, cause you are smoking weed, the “crash” might be the fact that this is not properly cured yet, I was only 6 days into drying when I did this smoke report. All of the above information was from vaping 0.25 grams of ground flower. I am a daily smoker, not saying that my smoking habits are good or bad, but I want people to have a reference. For those who do not smoke a lot, this is likely a one or two hitter quitter. My wife is my occasional smoker, test subject, so I will update when I have that information.

Growing: Growing this strain was a breeze. I run an LED that has 2 COBs along with supplemental reds and IRs for flower. Running it with everything on pulls 210 watts out of the wall. At 24 inches above the canopy the footprint of the room will get about 800-900 ppfd. I had this plant in a 2.5’ x 2.5’ x 7’ tall area with one other plant during flower. I pulled 98.15 grams with almost no training aside from one topping and a little supercropping because the stretch was no joke. If I run this as a single plant, there is no reason I can’t pull 5 oz from a single plant with this set up, if this pheno is a good example of what to expect. Because of the height of this plant after the stretch the top was receiving about 1200 ppfd and the plant took it well with no supplemental CO2. I only started to see just a hint of tip burn when I pushed over 2.3 EC and for as much of an issue as I have had with Botanicare, the plant put up with it well. Next time I will do a little more training and will trim up the bottoms a little bit more, but ultimately this is a set it and forget it plant for those who don’t want to fuss.

Harvesting: I took this one down after 52 days of 12/12, I know, that is quick! And to be honest, I could have gone a bit longer, but I wanted something that was going to be an active daytime strain and I had some scheduling issues that really made cutting at day 52 the right thing to do...this time. I will definitely experiment with 9, 10 and 11 week harvests in the future. I wet trim, always have, probably always will, and this plant was a pleasure to trim up. I say that because there is almost nothing to trim except for the fan leaves. Could do 4 of these in the time it took me to trim my C99, and the buds are all like perfectly formed little pine cones..even the little lowers that are the size of a marble.

Final Thoughts: Rasta Jeff nailed this one! I am not affiliated with Irie Genetics, but I can HIGHLY recommend Arise to anyone looking for a dope growing and smoking experience. (see what I did there?)

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What's on the scales?
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1 plant
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105 watt
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90% Sativa
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Dry mouth

Botanicare's CNS17 line got my attention because it is "one part" for each stage of the plants life. With that being said, the nutrient line does not perform well for cannabis if you are just mixing in with water as recommended on the label NOR does it work following the nutrient calculator. *Side note: I have tried contacting Botanicare numerous times by email, and have NEVER received a reply from them! Just saying. I the end, because I bought a gallon of Grow, Bloom and Ripe, I calculated the individual PPMs of N, P, K, Ca, Mg and S in the individual formulas and then used a spread sheet to manipulate the amount in mL needed to hit the ppm range I was looking for in Veg and Bloom. It was a lot of work and so far I have only tested it on a DWC basil project, but, that shit is blowing up!!

Arise is easy to grow and given the fact that I did not do much training or manicuring, I pulled an ok amount for a first run. If this is a standard pheno and I get it again there is no reason I can't pull 5 oz off of a 4 week veg.

GYOweed week 12

That's a hefty bud I have the same scale so I know for that size that's pretty good.
You think this sativa leaning strain would grow well outside in hot desert next year?
Do they still make these seeds?


@GYOweed, I see that is Scarlet Begonias. I have grown a few strains that are Arise crosses and what I have found (in my phenos) is that the Arise is really dominant. I smoke enough that I get what I call "strain lock" aka: this shit doesn't get me high anymore. And when I smoke Arise and then switch to an Arise cross, there is still no high. My semi tested conclusion is, that unless you are a true cannabis connoisseur, you wont really notice too much of a difference. Still a great strain though! I love growing and smoking anything crossed with Arise because the buds are fucking huge and sticky with very little leaf and great pine cone shaped buds. :ok_hand:


@themilkman, they were outta stock and SHN is price gouging also their 420 sale was no sale. I foundtem on ill let you know but i got this crossed by red headed stranger figure try something new


@GYOweed, I have only had indoor experience with this strain, but the germination and vigor have been great. I run my room at 79-82F and 50% rh from beginning to end...mostly because that is about where the house stays and I don't have to run a bunch of equipment. Oregon Elite Seeds and Seeds Here Now have them. They only come in regs. These seem pretty bulletproof and I would definitely recommend. I would bet that if this was grown outside it will be HUGE!

GrimbolTheDruid week 12

Nice work man! Top notch!


@GrimbolTheDruid, Thanks! Really diggin on RJ's strains right now. Gonna pop a Golden Goat BX and a Pure Love tomorrow.


@GrimbolTheDruid, Thanks. Really enjoyed growing and really really enjoy smoking it.

Master_weeda week 12

Good harvest bro :wink:
May the force be with you :muscle: