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Happy Brother BX1 is the plant that got me into breeding.  I have worked for years with this special cut to try to get a worthy male for backcrossing.  This definitely worked well with the Happy Brother x ChemdogD IX1 #3 male.  Finally, we can share the Happy Brother with all growers!

Happy Brother is not a big yielder.  Itโ€™s very strong against insects and diseases.  Expect hard little nugs that donโ€™t shring much when dried.  The taste and effect is what Happy Brother is all about.  The taste is very hard to describe.  I have not smoked any other herb that tastes like this.  Iโ€™m sure all smokers will really like the taste. 


Gender Regular
Genes indica
Genetics Happy Brother x Happy Brother x Chemdog D IX1 #3
Flowering 9-11 weeks


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