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Karma Genetics was officially founded in 2008 in the Netherlands after winning a cup at the IC420 cup in Amsterdam.  But the founder started breeding in 2000. Karma Genetics currently collaborates with other breeders such as Mosca Negra, Canna Venture, and Horti-Lab. 

Nowadays Karma Genetics only does regular seeds. They are carefully tested by a founder and a customer base of growers.

Most of varieties are created specially for serious and well experienced growers that want to get top quality cannabis and stable genetics. But the collection also contains a few strains for beginners and amateur cultivators.  Headbanger, Biker Kush , and the Ghostrider V2.0. are the most favourite and famous varieties of the Karma Genetics range.


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Growing it
The plant was extremely resinous, more resinous than I'm used too, had a lot more scissor hash than i initially intended, but that's not a bad thing right?
In total from her long veg and 8 weeks of flowering she had a good 35% amber and 65% cloudy trichomes. her stalk was so thick ended up using a branch saw to cut her down
She was hung dried for a total of 6 days, In 3 large sections, Left side, Middle and the right side, On average the dry weight was 136 Grams per branch, totaling to just shy of 410 Grams!

maybe my 3 month veg was worth it after all!

Flavor and terp profiles

This strain is heavy in the citrus smells but it has strong undertones of skunk and gas seconds after inhale, these will be more dominant with the cure as everyday they seem to smell stronger and stronger as they cure, Currently curing in mason jars with 62% integra boost pack ( chose these of boveda for terpene preservation and to test if its true )

Initial Smoke:

It's a very fluffy bud when ground up, but VERY DENSE when in bud form, What i usually expect a gram to look like usually turns out to be .5 - 1 more gram than I initially thought
The burn is my favourite part, as you smoke the ash burns snow white, the 3 week flush was definitely something I'll be doing more for my personal smoke as it really did lead to a very potent non harsh cannabis.

Taste: It tastes like someone took a lemon peel, Zest it on top of an orange, Eat that orange while licking papaya afterwards.
2 weeks ago
Karma’s Headbanger
Growing it
Nice compact structure with a lot trichomes. Really hard nugs how I like it. The smell is sour with gassy diesel sents. It has definitely the possibility to get one of my favourites if not my first choice.
3 months ago
Federikush Apprentice
Growing it
chopped down at day 57! five different phenotypes. each one of them where unique and frosty
3 months ago

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