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mynkeo Newbie
Northern Light Special
Growing it
I don't have a lot to compare this grow to, I've always been a social smoker and never really knew what I was consuming.

Compared to the other two plants, the Northern Light Special took way more abuse (a 10 day stretch where I forgot to give her water). She took nutrients well and was generally a faster grower than the other two.
All in all I'm really happy with the result, despite a being a first time grower I got a nice product.

The harvest was unscheduled, pretty much all the fan leaves died out and the buds were starting to turn brown so I decided to chop early. I was worried the unscheduled harvest would kill the potency, but that was alleviated after making some infused coconut oil with 2 cups of trim and 2 cups of coconut oil. The blondies I made with half a cup of the oil was way too potent for me. Two small blondies left me with intense cotton mouth and overly paranoid. I'll try half a blondie next time.

The flowers were a little over dry after hanging and are still curing. After a week or so the hay smell started going away leaving a pine / citrus scent.
2 years ago