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KC Brains based in Holland. The company produces the highest quality Feminised and Regular seeds. KC Brains is one of the cheapest seed banks around.

Some pot seeds also became popular in the world. For example, The Northern Light Special is a combination of the indica and sativa strain, is the number one choice of many people. It had long earned its reputation as being the strongest variety of the KC Brains seeds, and majority of the marijuana seeds. Crystal Paradise seeds had been given great reviews by pot seed enthusiasts. The next is KC 36  which gives a very high harvest. 

KC BrainsKC Brains

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Aquabuds Apprentice
Diamond Queen Kush Auto
Growing it
Was a weird one she wasn't what I expected not really satisfied with outcome
8 months ago
Jayler Apprentice
Space Mango Auto
Growing it
Had a major issue with budrot. Which was my fault, my intake fan stopped while I was away for the weekend. And I lost half of her due to bud rot.:cry::disappointed_relieved::sweat:
8 months ago
mynkeo Newbie
Northern Light Special
Growing it
I don't have a lot to compare this grow to, I've always been a social smoker and never really knew what I was consuming.

Compared to the other two plants, the Northern Light Special took way more abuse (a 10 day stretch where I forgot to give her water). She took nutrients well and was generally a faster grower than the other two.
All in all I'm really happy with the result, despite a being a first time grower I got a nice product.

The harvest was unscheduled, pretty much all the fan leaves died out and the buds were starting to turn brown so I decided to chop early. I was worried the unscheduled harvest would kill the potency, but that was alleviated after making some infused coconut oil with 2 cups of trim and 2 cups of coconut oil. The blondies I made with half a cup of the oil was way too potent for me. Two small blondies left me with intense cotton mouth and overly paranoid. I'll try half a blondie next time.

The flowers were a little over dry after hanging and are still curing. After a week or so the hay smell started going away leaving a pine / citrus scent.
3 years ago

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