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Hashberry is an indica dominant hybrid that comes from the North India genetics. 

This exceptional variety combines the best of many characteristics. It is easy to grow and very heat resistant, has great stability and growth and a high hybrid potency. 

The plant develops a medium structure and heavy top bud and strong cola with dense flowers. The THC rich crystals cover the plant  It is ideal for SOG. The plant grows well indoors, outdoors in moderate climates and in greenhouses in cooler areas. The harvest comes after 9 flowering weeks and produces good yields of 450-550+ gr/m2 under a 400-600W light. 

The buds produces a refreshing fruity-floral aroma during the blooming.  The dried product has a delicious hashy, berry scent. This soothing indica strain has a long lasting stony high with good medical properties. 


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly Indica
Genetics India Hybrid
Harvest 450-500 gr/m2
Flowering 9 weeks
THC high

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