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White Bhutanese is unique sativa dominant strain that comes from Bhutanese landrace genetics. This feminized hybrid is only one generation removed from its wild mother. The plant has excellent mold resistance and grows well even in very hot climate.

The plant develops classic tall sativa structure with long internodal distance. It can reach to 2.5 m tall in Mediterranean or hot climate. It is necessary to trim the plant if you have reduced space for growing. But be careful, too much pruning can backfire with landrace Sativas. White Bhutanese has a good reaction on LST method. The strain is a great trichome producer. The amazing pure, slightly milky resin is a trademark of White Bhutanese.

White Bhutanese suits for growing outdoors and in greenhouses. The harvest comes in late October or November and brings unique bouqet of tropical aromas that contains notes of spice, lemon, fruit, mint, and nuts.

The smoke brings soft and long-lasting effect that provides a perfect balance between potency and everyday enjoyability. The high is more cerebral but it becomes more phisical and relaxing at the end. 


Gender Feminised
Genes 80% sativa
Genetics Wangdi Province x Bhutan
THC medium
CBD medium

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