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Golden Cobra is a feminized sativa dominant strain that is based on the crossing between Grape Kush and outstanding Tangie from DNA Genetics.

The flowering period takes 8-9 weeks and the plant produces huge yields espesially for such short blooming. The strain can demonstrate purple color and develops dense frosty buds. It is easy to grow and suits both for indoor and outdoor cultivations.

The variety has two phenotypes. The first is a tangie dominant pheno that offers sweet citrus flavors. The second type provides a more complex sweet mix of tastes with fruity, tropical notes.


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Gender Regular
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics Grape Kush x Tangie
Harvest Very high
Flowering 8-9 weeks

Tastes & Effects

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Turbo0040 Newbie
Golden Cobra
Growing it
1st successful grow and she was a doddle, no issues throughout other than my inexperience & I’ve loved every minute of it.
1st failed grow the mother was over fed from day 1 but was a lot more frosty. The only other difference apart from feeding less was I reduced nutrients to 30% than recommended as I read they are calculated based on 1000w hps and need less for 400w equivalent led however because I scrogged her ultimately making her a larger plant I wonder if I should up the nutrients and by how much?
I also read plant leaf temperature is lower with led therefore day temperature should be 29 degrees! With technology improving and variances in led lights I wonder what is the ideal temperature for the platinum p300 ?
And finally I realised when taking her down the thinner branches, which are branches of branches have considerably smaller buds which makes me think I would be better with less colas will give higher yield? Not as important as only for me, the Mrs doesn’t even smoke but will encourage anything that reduces the cost of my hobby/habit :)
I’ve not bothered with a wet weight, I’ll leave her in the tent for 7-10 days then weigh her before curing for a minimum of 2 weeks when I’ll update with smoke report. For now she smells amazing!
Thanks everyone for watching over my grow, your advice & support are very much appreciated. It’s a shame I can’t share this with you all.
Update on dry weight. On the 6th day of drying the branches snapped easily and I was a little worried of drying to quickly
147g 5.25 ounces of dried bud from 1 plant! Pretty impressed with myself and hopefully it will last through to the next harvest but I am confident I can do better next time, by having less but thicker branches should give me bigger thicker buds. We’ll see
10 months ago

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