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Super sweet tooth is an indica dominant hybrid that maintains the best genetics of its parents; fast growth, big yields and an outstanding level of resin production. THC levels have been tested at over 22%, with CBD levels approaching 1.5%. Super Sweet Tooth is an excellent medicinal strain for pain and stress relief and will KO even the most experienced tokers. Finishing in just 8 weeks, its compact structure (75-85cm indoors) means it packs on buds in a relatively small space, making it an excellent choice if space is at a premium. Outdoors it can grow to well over 2 meters with the resulting yields significantly increased. Commercial growers can maximise their yields with an extra 2-3 weeks in veg and an extra week in flower making it a superb cash cropper. The combination of big yields, a medical-grade stone, fast finishing time and high resin production make it an excellent all-rounder.


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica/Sativa
Harvest 400-500 g/m2
Flowering 8-10 weeks

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