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It's on the larger side for an auto flowering strain, (60-120cm), producing fat dense rock hard buds and yielding upwards of 150 grams per plant. The buds are covered in resin thanks to the original White LSD's cross with White Widow Max. This big producing strain does well both indoors and outdoors and can finish in around 70 days from seed. White LSD Auto is a truly awesome auto flowering strain.


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Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis
Harvest 300-400 g/m2
Flowering 8-10 weeks

Tastes & Effects

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White LSD Auto
Growing it
This is My first time growing an Auto-flower and I must say, it was quite enjoyable. Especially the End product! I went lightly with supplying nutrients as She was planted in Foxfarm's Ocean Forest soil, to begin with. The description stated she would be ready for harvest between 8-10 weeks. I harvested a majority of the plant during the 11th week & allowed the lower buds to mature for another 6 days. I don't own a scale so I am unable to provide an accurate accounting of just how much weight the Final Buds equal. After the lower buds complete their 3-day hanging period, I should end up with 3 Quart Jars, filled but, loosely packed for curing. I held back a few buds during the original harvest for a quick (oven-dried) smoke report. You will see a photo of exactly how much I consumed. LIT-PUFF-PUFF. Those 3 puffs lasted for about Five Hours of pure Pain Relief! I was able to skip my afternoon dose of Morphine! I must say, I am pleasantly surprised at what I achieved in such a short period of time. I have already begun my next grow of Auto-flowers so, keep an eye out for my next Diary.
UPDATE: upon curing, the buds shrank, reducing my expected 3 quart jars down to 2 full quart jars. Still plenty good enough for my needs. Should last until my next harvest.
2 months ago
Tonks Apprentice
White LSD Auto
Growing it
A pleasure to grow, start to finish. Started putting on the frost early and just built from there. A little finicky with nutes in the flowering stage but nothing dramatic.
Harvested her over days 70 - 72. She dried over 5 days - humidity was around 85% so I hung the buds in a cupboard with the door open, and pointed the de-humidifier at the cupboard door. So it had indirect air-flow, and the cupboard was around 60% RH. Not perfect but seemed to work! Curing currently with Boveda 62%.
I'll update the smoke report when I'm not taking codeine for a broken ankle, and once the cure is done. So far I'm impressed! Uplifting head stone then a knockout sedative hit.
UPDATE: Smoke Report
So she's been curing a bit now and holy crap, I lost about 3 hours last night. Forgot I had water boiling for dinner and then the water was all gone. :P
Strong cerebral high, uplfting but forget about doing anything important. Really happy with this strain, sends me on a journey and has a really interesting citrus flavour. :laughing:
I made a batch of cannabutter from the trim and baked some brownies. Holy crapballs. I had a small brownie and was munted for hours. Reminded me of the space cakes I had last Amsterdam trip, except this time I didn't pass out on a pub table at 3 in the afternoon. Another thumbs up for the LSD!
8 months ago

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