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Ricks Apprentice
Blueberry Kush Autoflower
Growing it
Ok guys I know I'm abit all over the place here but I had all different strains ripening at different times so this is the final update they have all come down and are hanging nicely, ok so the gorilla glue are fantastic rock hard massive buds all round and the blue kush are just as hard but not so big but the colours are fantastic and the smell is pure bubblegum!!! I can't give a taste weight or effect update as it's to early but I will put it up as soon as possable
9 months ago
NugWitch Apprentice
Blueberry Kush Autoflower
Growing it
NUGATHA Blueberry Kush!!!
I love it day and night, no matter what time it is. YUMZ
She is my actual FIRST grow from start to finish. She was super easy right out of the gate. Germination was perfect in my eyes... I had to start training her about 4 weeks in... I had already been tucking the bigger fan leaves and plucking a few here and there that were really large. Indica fat leaves that my cat would not leave alone! Her crystals were bright and sticky, right after those pistils started changing. As her first caylix was formed, more and more crystals formed all over every bud and sugar leaf.
She went 72 days to chop. I flushed her for 3 days and into a dark tent for 1-2 days.
Wet trim was done, my fingers were full of killer goodness.. Dry weight was 30.4 grams. Not bad for a first timer. I think!
The Smoke was wonderful...white plumes of smoke..white ash after burnage in my bong... my best nights sleep in a while. She is a worthy grow and your rewards will astound you.
Happy Growing!
10 months ago