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DaGeorge Newbie
L.A. Amnesia
Growing it
Strong cerebral effects, quite racy/trippy, but also with a relaxing body effect. You can do some activities, but you can also just chill out quite well if you want to (although the mental effects are really strong!). Some people could experience a slight paranoia in public when medicated a little bit too much. The breeder's strain description fits quite well, the effects are long lasting (you can feel the effects quite well even after 3 hours), not much tolerance-building effect. Growing was easy, flowering stretch was hardly present. I could not experience the full potential due to limited height in my grow tent, but I am sure you can get much better results per Watt if you let it grow taller (maybe add 2-3 weeks for vegging), as I just had 60cm (23'') height in my tent 5W-LEDs from above, which already resulted in a slight light burn...
1 year ago